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Nov 8, 2012 12:00pm CST
francisco reports from city hall with details. he may have also bought a $40,000 gift for a female friend with campaign money. that is on top of the house ethics investigation on whether he offered to raise money for the girl is in exchange for being appointed to obama's old senate seat. pictures of him were released while he was receiving treatment for bipolar disorder over the summer. he has been spotted hanging out in a couple of washington d.c. bars after being released. >> a series of events came together in my life at the same time. they have been difficult to sort through. i'm human. i'm doing my best and i'm trying to sort through them all. >> just give the man a chance to heal. >> his father and his wife even she was missing in action from today's city council meeting. >> if reports are true that jackson is indeed working on a plea deal with federal prosecutors and if those negotiations are successful he could possibly keep his seat in congress. state representative-elect derrick smith says he's excited about returning to work in springfield. smith was re-elected tuesday.. d
Nov 12, 2012 12:00pm CST
and city of chicago by lowering the flexto half stafflags to half staff. he is survived by his wife of many years. three adult daughters. chicago's 9-1-1 center is getting a 31-million dollar upgrade.the funding comes after being stalled by contract irregularities. it's being used to fix potential problems on the operations floor. dispatchers and call takers spoke of several problems including: dropped 9-1-1 calls, a new answering system that called for more manpower and computers that no longer allowed call takers to monitor radio communications at fire scenes. chicago city officials admit city employees secretly recorded phone conversations involving chicago tribune reporters. that's a felony. most recently, a tribune reporter was recorded questioning a city official about mayor emanuel's speed- camera program. city officials say they've since notified their employees to get permission first. school is in session in west suburban geneva after a last- minute deal narrowly averts a strike that was scheduled to begin today. the school board and the teachers union agreed on a new three-yea
Nov 15, 2012 12:00pm CST
several city council hearings in the past four months. according to city clerk reckitt she has the worst attendance records when it comes to city council members parishes worst record of all 50 alderman. they said her attendance as of late has to do with her husband's legal woes. her husband is under federal under investigation for misuse of campaign funds to redecorate their washington home and to buy a rolex watch for a female friend. the investigation says that ealdorman jackson has been pulled into parents of a per colleagues were asked about how the field about her missing the boat. >> of course we want all the alderman to be here to vote. have any comment about her personal situation. >> i think it's time for this the not only come out and talk to the people and the district to say here's what our plan is. >> all of your comments should really go to the person to talk about. that's always the best damn as they say the show must go on and today's budget vote is going on right now. all the men are debating the issue. lester mayor emanuel got a 60-zero thumbs up on the budget this
Nov 14, 2012 12:00pm CST
the city council meeting this morning and is not commenting on a wall street report she may have been involved in spending campaign cash on furniture for their home. >> the latest information about the fed's going after sandy jackson says to me that plea negotiations somehow got derailed. there was a sticking point, do not know what it is. maybe he does not want to do jail time and they are pushing jail time. congressman jackson remains in minnesota. >>he used taxpayer financed office to conduct private business. former speakers are allowed to use government office five years after they have stepped up. it is illegal for them to use the office for commercial purposes. use his office to conduct research on a commercial venture. the former controller of dixon of illinois guilty. >> the numbers in this story are staggering. one of the biggest abuses of public trust in the history of illinois. $53.7 million stolen over a period of about two decades. prosecutors say that she is the money to fund her lavish lifestyle. she walked out of the courthouse a little while ago surrounded by rep
Nov 9, 2012 12:00pm CST
increasingly damaging storms in the midwest. if you're looking for full-time employment, the city of chicago is holding its first-ever job fair right now. it's being held at kennedy king college at 63rd and halsted street. the city is looking to fill hundreds of positions. there are also openings at the c-t-a, chicago public schools the city colleges, the park district and the chicago housing authority. more than one-thousand people have passed through the fair so far. job hunters began lining up at five o'clock this morning, and the line is stretching for several blocks. mickey and minnie mouse made a special visit to chicago today. they came all the way from walt disney world to test the lights for the upcoming mag mile light's festival. the festival is november 17th at 5-30 p-m. mickey and minnie are once again the grand marshals of the event that includes lighting more than one million lights on 2-hundred trees. more fallout after the storm. >> new congressional budget office report predicts the economy would fall into a recession if there was a lengthy impasse in washington. >> good a
Nov 13, 2012 12:00pm CST
's robert jordan is live at city hall with the latest. latest report on congressman jesse jackson jr. and the investigation into the alleged misuse of campaign funds is spreading to possibly include the congressman's wife. according to the wall street journal federal prosecutors are reviewing evidence suggesting that sandy jackson was complacent. involved. congressman jackson returns to the mayo clinic a few months ago for treatment of bipolar disorder. caracoling on jackson to step up and be accountable. >> i think congressman jackson it is incumbent upon him to have a conversation with his constituents about his intentions. >> we're in a position of public trust when we run for office. we are held to higher levels. >> congressman jesse jackson jr. was a big supporter of that effort. >> congressman jackson has been a great champion and partner of this airport. we're holding his news conference because we want to raise the profile of the airport and let the people now that this airport benefits all of the people of chicago land. i spoke with several aldermen inside of city hall.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6